New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison discovers there’s more to the Kennedy assassination than the official story.

Here is the story of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison investigating the Kennedy assassination, diving deep into the rabbit hole to prove to the American public that there was a government conspiracy into the murder of John F Kennedy. A movie that has so well made it will shake you to your core. Arguably Kevin Costner best acting performance in a movie with a huge cast of excellent actors and actresses. At over three hours long this move takes you on a wild ride like no movie ever has and still last the test of time. Below is a partial list of cast members.

Kevin Costner
Jack Lemmon
Vincent D’Onofrio
Gary Oldman
Michael Rooker
Laurie Metcalf
Joe Pesci
Walter Matthau
Tommy Lee Jones
John Candy
Kevin Bacon
Donald Sutherland
Brian Doyle-Murray
Dale Dye


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